Recycling Services

We care about a cleaner environment and are increasing our efforts to make recycling in your area easier and more convenient.

Sweet Home Sanitation

Keeping it Green

Our business is committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. We take pride in serving the community offering a variety of recycling, transport, and disposal services using the latest technology.

Sweet Home Sanitation offers a single-stream curbside recycling program.  “Tan Cans," our 90-gallon recycling carts, are offered free with residential garbage service. You can acquire residential garbage service by requesting a quote below.

Keeping it Green

Additional Recycling Details


Glass containers are still picked up during your recycling week. All glass must be used in the Yellow or Grey bin – NOT the Tan Can!

Glass containers are serviced with the garbage truck, not the recycling truck.

Recycle all GLASS BOTTLES and JARS. Rinse containers and REMOVE LIDS and NECKRINGS.

Paper labels don't need to be removed.

Please NO used pesticide or herbicide containers, window glass, lightbulbs, mirrors, ceramics or drinking glasses.


Just because curbside recycling doesn't take every possible kind of plastic doesn't mean you have to toss it in your trash can.

Plastic produce bags, dry cleaner plastic, newspaper bags, and the plastic wrap that surrounds paper towels and toilet paper are recyclable along with plastic grocery bags (are you still using those?) at Safeway, local schools and Wal-Mart.


Tires are not collected at the curb. Tires can be taken to the Transfer Station and disposed of there for a nominal fee.

Hazardous Materials

Many everyday household products can be dangerous. Call us to find out how to safely dispose of household hazardous waste. We can also mail you our free "What is Household Hazardous Waste?" brochure.

Common household waste includes: * Antifreeze * Pesticides * Weed Killers & Herbicides * Fuels * Pool Chemicals * Solvents * Spot Remover * Turpentine * Mercury * Rose Dust * Wood Preservatives * Rust Remover * Degreasers * Engine Cleaners * Slug Bait * Furniture Stripper * Fluorescent Lights *Glues & Epoxy

NOTE: Pouring it on the ground can harm our streams, lakes or ground water; pouring it down the sink can be harmful and difficult to treat at the water treatment facility. It is best to use it up or wait for a special Hazardous Waste Collection Drive. Watch for announcements.


The lead, mercury and many other elements in computers and other electronics, are very hazardous to our waterways and environment when disposed of improperly.

When you buy electronics, be sure to check with the store to see if they have a "Take Back" or recycling program for their customers.

Medical Waste

For safety reasons, residents who dispose of products used in Home Health Care need to take special care for everyone involved, including our employees.

It is always better to use a professional disposal system, so if you currently have a doctor or home health care provider that accepts your needles, bandages, IV bags, etc., please continue to use this means of disposal.

If you do not have access to this, please place needles/bandages, or any other type of contaminated medical materials, in a Sharps container. Sweet Home Sanitation does have Sharps containers available at the office. A nominal fee does apply. Do not place in the garbage - please return Sharps containers to the Sweet Home Sanitation office.

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