Yard Waste and Composting

Composting waste allows us to use food waste material for something useful while also reducing harmful greenhouse emissions.

Composting with Sweet Home Sanitation

How to Start Composting Food Waste

Sweet Home Sanitation's residential composting initiative is paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future, one household at a time. This forward-thinking program empowers residents by giving them the tools and knowledge needed to compost their organic waste efficiently.

- Place a sealable container in a convenient location in your kitchen.

- Toss in all food scraps and plate scrapings.

- Empty your kitchen container into your yard debris bin, along with your yard debris in layers.

Kitchen Container Tips

Managing food waste effectively starts in your kitchen, and Sweet Home Sanitation offers several practcal tips to make this process seamless and odor-free.

- Empty your container into your yard debris bin frequently.
- Drain excess liquids down the sink.
- Clean your kitchen container regularly.
- Shut the lid of your container and bin when not in use.

Roll Cart Tips

- Clean your yard debris bin regularly. Do this in a gravel or grassy area, not allowing run-off or debris to enter the stormwater drain at the street.
- Sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of your yard debris cart to keep odors down.
- Maintain a good mix of yard debris and food scraps in your bin when possible.
- Store containers in a shady area.
- Even if your yard debris bin isn’t very full, be sure to bring it to the curb on every collection day.
- Freeze or refrigerate food scraps until you dump into your yard debris bin.

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